Nexus One…..

There will be a lot of personal views and opinions on the look, feel and features of the Nexus One, I will say it’s the battle for the web. iPhone Vs Android.

The key to the turning point is not how slick the Google phone is – even though (according to reports) it’s thin, fast, bright, and beautiful, with amazing sensor-based capabilities including noise-canceling headphones, automated brightness adjustment based on external light levels, voice activated search, navigation and data-entry. Nor is it the fact that you can buy unlocked phones directly from Google. The real turning point is Google’s commitment to making the Nexus One a web-native device. According to Google’s VP of product management during their press conference, a nexus is a place where multiple world’s meet.”The Nexus One is where the phone meets the web”. It’s a connected device in a way that is more fundamental than any previous.

While Google has a lot to work on to be able to catch up with Apple (majorly with the app store), I think the all round simplicity of the Nexus One and the completeness of the cloud integration is a major advantage. What we see then is a collision of paradigms, perhaps as profound as the transition between the character-based era of computing and the GUI based era of the Mac and Windows. We’re moving from the era in which the device is primary and the web is an add-on, to the era in which a device and its applications are fundamentally dependent on the internet operating systems that provides location, speech recognition and other fundamental data services. I know more manufacturers  are going to tow this line…..welcome to the new world :).


3 Responses to Nexus One…..

  1. Nice!!! But I still maintain the fact that the iPhone is not so great, what made it so great-like is apps, 100K apps on the appstore plus the countless ones on the cydia, installer and the crack-store in general…..when google meets apple in terms of number of apps, I will buy the Nexus

    • sogoojo says:

      I agree with you, but be very sure that in less than a year…its very possible for Google store to be bigger than that. Number one, you don’t need a Mac to develop for the android….Number 2 coding on the android platform is not half as hectic as coding in objective C (which u need for the Apple app).

  2. This is an awesome article, I’ll be adding you to my list.

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