Developers Nightmare

I have gone back and forth on this topic…it has had it’s toll on me and I believe an average developer too has had his/her own fair share of it. Developers Nightmare u ask?????? yes that is browser incompatibility!!!! have u ever developed a ajax application and its not running the same way on different browsers? have u ever had a css layout design that has disparity in its display across browsers? have u developed a server side application that didn’t run well on different operating systems? if u have then we are in the same shoes. I have spent close to a month developing an application and have spent another 2 weeks to make sure it runs fine on all browsers and all operating systems…… worries me and I think there should be a solution for it out there. I want to take each of the problems one by one and tackle them appropriately as they seem.

Out of all the problems I think there could be a solution for the biggest of them which is the ajax problem and if u ask me the most difficult to debug. I think in developing RIA’s ( Rich Internet Applications) Adobe Flex is the way to go. First of all, I wouldn’t want you to be biased about the  flash player thing (though have been a Macromedia person from the word go) because u must have Adobe Flash player Installed on the clients system before Flex can run…..but the fact of the matter now is that Adobe Flash is now and has always been ubiquitous , believe it or not flash player has come to stay and has gotten a permanent abode in our browsers. With a browsers that fully supports adobe flash, running flex is no longer a problem. it will display across all platforms in a uniform way and it will save u (the developer) a lot of time fixing browser incompatibility issues. ……………..I will continue later on the beauty attached to Adobe Flex …….I call it the future of RIA’s